Meet the AdlerFitness Team

We’ve added so many amazing instructors so quickly that we are unable to list them alphabetically anymore!

Danielle Adler


My health and fitness journey began after my babies were born. Weighing in at 197 pounds when my daughter was born, and still 180 a year after my son was born, I knew that something had to change. Suffering from post partum depression, aware that my world was dark and colourless, I asked my doctor for meds. To this day I am grateful to him for saying “Go find exercise. If in three months you don’t feel better come back and we will talk about meds”.

That same week a spin and yoga studio was opening in my neighbourhood (Spynga) and I decided to try. I was terrified but I was determined. I sat in the back row in a corner sweating and weeping. One class turned into two, and soon I was spinning four times a week religiously. Two years later I woke up and the world had colour again. I was in a different mindset and a different body. I took the instructor training course and I never looked back. 

My spin, strength/cardio and spin/strength classes are created to bring joy and sweat to those who join me every week. I believe deeply in the power of excellent group fitness because it’s about more than the sweat: it’s about relationships. Work out together two, three, four times a week and you create a community – even online! Seeing each other live on screen and saying “good morning” to one another is how we get through a tough day, a tough week, a tough year and a pandemic.

I am a proud wife, mother (two kids, two dogs), fitness instructor and now business owner. My gratitude to all those who have supported me along the way cannot be expressed with enough words. 

Welcome to AdlerFitness!

Lisa Barkin


AdlerFitness is thrilled to be partnering with Lisa Barkin to bring you Lisa’s incredible skill and grace on the mat.

Lisa has been teaching fundamental, vinyasa, prenatal and yin yoga since 2008. She is a committed instructor who creates a feeling of well-being and empowerment in sincere, natural and authentic yoga classes. Her classes are not just about stretching and strengthening the body, but also about expanding horizons. It’s not only about the physical practice but lifting the spirit as well. Participants can then share this gift with the world.

Tanya Carinci


Before beginning my journey into health and wellness, I lived in the corporate world as an Urban Planner advocating for creating healthy livable cities. Cities that would be vibrant, accessible, efficient and environmentally sustainable for the betterment of future generations. Little did I know back then that my focus would shift 10 years later from urban planning to health and wellness. 

It’s obvious to see how the two are related: from creating healthy cities to inspiring and motivating people to a healthier lifestyle. With several years of teaching a variety of fitness classes and personal training hundreds of clients under my belt, I’ve always had the ability to spark excitement with my clients. Whether by creating fun, efficient workouts or building music playlists that drive you to push a little harder, I have successfully shaped a community of fitness enthusiasts that keep coming back week after week! 

Nara Abrams


Nara Abrams is a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. She has been coaching in The GTA at premier boutique fitness studios for over 10 years. She has taught everything from In-Door Cycling, HIIT, Strength + Stretch Classes.  
In April of 2020 she “pivoted” to ZOOM and Outdoor Classes allowing her to do what she is most passionate about. Teaching Small + Large Group Classes, Personal Training and Corporate Groups.
Her classes are designed for people of all levels of fitness. Her goal is that you finish a class feeling energized and ready to take on whatever challenges come your way!

Amy Levine


Amy has been working in the fitness industry for close to a decade. 

“Exercise and wellness have always played a huge role in my everyday life. Most recently it has become a very large and healing part of my life on so many levels. I hope to share with others what I’ve experienced by teaching classes that people look forward to coming to. Classes where they can recognize their own growth week after week. I want them to leave feeling completely refreshed both mentally and physically.”

Tara Resnick


Tara went to her first indoor cycling class just over 14 years ago and has been on the bike ever since! She’s always had a passion for indoor cycling. She loves the rush she gets when she jumps on that bike at the start of a ride and thrives on the ability to motivate others. Tara hopes to inspire her riders to love themselves and to get stronger every time they ride.

Casey Soer


Casey is an entrepreneur, a teacher of both spin + yoga, and has been serving the fitness and wellness community in Los Angeles, New York and her hometown of Toronto since 2001.  Casey owned and operated Spynga, the yoga + cycling studio, for over a decade. She co-created and launched OM T.O. an annual yoga event in Toronto to celebrate the summer solstice. She feels honoured to be featured and/or quoted in Hello Canada, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Best Health, Today’s Parent, HGTV, Flare, Oxygen, and seen on Breakfast Television and ET Canada.

She is a mom of three boys and is currently the Synagogue Operations Manager of City Shul in Toronto.

Amos Adler


A successful entrepreneur, Amos always enjoyed teaching spin as a side-gig. After a successful run of teaching energetic, rock and roll spin classes at Spynga & Embody Fitness, Amos thought he retired his shoes when Covid arrived. Now Amos is coming out of retirement  to support his wife’s entrepreneurial adventure!

Amos is Co-Founder and President of Memotext Corporation, a digital patient engagement platform that uses health data and analytics to optimize digital communications and deliver ROI to patients and healthcare stakeholders.

Fern Stancer


Fern has been teaching spin and yoga for over 10 years. A former triathlete and avid cyclist, Fern brings her years of riding and training outdoors to inspire riders to discover their inner strength.

Your journey with Fern will challenge you holistically: to connect to the music, the movement, the adrenalin. A devoted teacher, she brings focus and intensity to every class. Her playlists will empower you to ride stronger, sing louder, feel freer. Fern complements her love of spin with yoga.

Trained through Downward Dog in Toronto, she offers a variety of classes aimed at finding balance and strength. Fern’s understanding of the connection between mind and body is reflected in her positive energy and her fundamental belief in the unity of spin and yoga, “the perfect workout.”

Marcee Bar-Isaac


Originally from Denver, Colorado, Marcee made her way to Toronto via New York City and London, U.K. all while practicing her Vinyasa Flow practice with some of the top instructors from across the globe. While working in the intense world of Manhattan real estate, Marcee found yoga as an escape from the grind and eventually turned her passion into more than just a hobby. With over a decade of yoga practice, she continues to be inspired by her students and teachers.  Balancing teaching and being a mom to her two lively boys, Marcee is eager to connect with and guide people to find their sense of grounding while challenging them in their current practice whether a beginner or an advanced yogi. Having taught in a variety of settings from schools, gyms, studios, to private homes, and on Zoom, Marcee exudes patience, softness, and ease all of which she hopes to pass on to her students—along with some good tunes, and the ability to never take yourself too seriously!  

Sari Nisker-Fox


AdlerFitness is delighted to be partnering with Sari Nisker-Fox to bring you the best of Sari’s special yoga technique and teaching skills on the mat every week.

Sari has been serving the wellness and fitness communities in NYC & Toronto since 2003. After working in the corporate world of sales and marketing beauty products, she took a leap of faith and dove headfirst into the inner beauty world and began teaching yoga in 2003. Inspired by many stiles, and studying with masterful teachers, Sari teaches yoga and meditation as a way to connect and understand the human experience, and how we relate to the world with more depth and appreciation.

Sari is also a certified Life Purpose & Corporate Wellness Coach.

Erin Phelan


AdlerFitness is delighted to be partnering with Erin and FitFam. Erin is a passionate health and wellness expert based in Toronto – a hybrid fitness leader and communications expert. With over 20 years in the fitness industry, Erin is an award-winning group fitness instructor, personal trainer and health coach. Erin brings passion to every class she teaches and every client she works with. Erin is a certified fitness instructor, personal trainer and health coach with an extensive in-person and online coaching practice. She is trained in nutrition, pre and postnatal, cycling, pilates, yoga, HIIT and boot camp. 

Most importantly, Erin is mom to Lily, 10, and Teague, 8. To learn more about Erin visit her website 


Tamar Wagman


A fitness freak whose passion is to teach spinning, she’s been teaching spin to the St. Clair West community for 12 years, starting with her bestie at Spynga (Casey Soer), then Harmony Fitness and most recently at Rocket Cycle. Tamar loves to inspire sweat through the music she chooses. She focuses on simple sequencing and on challenging your endurance. Her favourite tunes include Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet, Paradise by Coldplay and anything by Green Day. Loud beats and great tunes to motivate you to work hard and sweat hard! When not on the bike, Tamar is wheeling and dealing in the Toronto Real Estate Industry with the Josie Stern Team, also based in St. Clair west. Tamar loves to travel to crazy, exotic lands and will eat pretty much anything put in front of her except celery. Hard no on celery. Tamar has been married to her summer camp sweetie for 21 years (local chef, Jordan Wagman) and they have two children aged 17 and 13.