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Meet The Team


Founder & Instructor

Danielle Adler

"My health and fitness journey began after my babies were born. Weighing in at 197 pounds when my daughter was born, and still 180 a year after my son was born, I knew that something had to change. Suffering from postpartum depression, aware that my world was dark and colourless, I asked my doctor for meds. To this day, I am grateful to him for saying, “Go find exercise. If in three months you don’t feel better come back and we will talk about meds”.

That same week a spin and yoga studio was opening in my neighbourhood, and I decided to try it. I was terrified but I was determined. I sat in the back row in a corner, sweating and weeping. One class turned into two, and soon I was spinning four times a week religiously. Two years later, I woke up, and the world had colour again. I was in a different mindset and a different body. I took the instructor training course, and I never looked back. My spin, strength/cardio and spin/strength classes are created to bring joy and

sweat to those who join me every week. I believe deeply in the power of excellent group fitness because it’s about more than the sweat: it’s about relationships. Work out together two, three, four times a week, and you create a community – even online! Seeing each other live on screen and saying “good morning” to one another is how we get through a tough week, a tough year and a pandemic. I am a proud wife, mother (two kids, two dogs), fitness instructor

and now a business owner. My gratitude to all those who have supported me along the way cannot be expressed in enough words."

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